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Industrial Partner - YoYo Technology Inc.

YoYo inertial technology

Company mission

YoYo Technology AB (Inc) will offer technical and hardware support to all academic partners to bring the A-fit project to successful completion. Eventually, astronauts, athletes, the general public, and various patient groups should benefit from this multi-national joint venture.


Expected outcome

The collective effort among the seven academic partners and YoYo™ Technology AB (Inc) will advance exercise hardware and protocols for astronauts on extended missions in Orbit, and in symbioses with extensive validation and testing, justify further applications of this particular technology, for terrestrial use.


Company profile

Established and based in Stockholm, YoYo Technology AB (Inc), has 25 yrs experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing state of the art exercise equipment, for the most demanding customers. Based on worldwide patents, and unique interventions originally intended to combat skeletal muscle dysfunction in space, products (Multigym, Leg Press, Leg Curl, Knee Extension, Squat) also aim at attracting athletes, sports medicine professionals, and home exercise trainees.


Research using YoYo™

Close to 100 peer-reviewed research publications have reported stunning results, in support of resistance exercise employing YoYo. Thus, numerous studies (Research at YoYo website) have been performed by scientists at highly renowned European and US academic institutions and research centers, using YoYoTechnology AB (Inc) products.


Customers and users

There are users around the world, for example tennis phenomenon Rafa Nadal in his book entitled "Rafa - my history", and acknowledged by ESA astronaut Christer Fuglesang in his book, who witness the benefits of YoYo. Apart from the international space organizations, numerous colleges and universities (References at YoYo website), the very best professional sports clubs and athletes, fitness centers and sports medicine and rehabilitation centers are among users.


Web: www.yoyotechnology.com

Contact: info@yoyotechnology.com